Grafokett online

Error message - Can't create file

If you get an error message similar to "Cannot create file "C:\\Users\*UserName*\Desktop\*. The filename directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect" You may proceed with the following work around. 1. Go to Internet options, see picture below 2. Under "Browsing History" click on Delete and them make sure the following is ticked, see picture below, and then press Delete. 3. Then click on OK and close Internet Explorer. 4. You may now open Internet Explorer and proceed to print aga...

Error message when accessing settings and/or printing (NLWAX)

I get a message that says: “Exception..Prooperty or method SendToPort is not supported..” You are not running Internet Explorer or you are missing credentials to let Grafokett Online install the Nicelabel Web Printing Add-on that allows printing. If you are running Internet Explorer and still get this error message, do the following. 5. Go to and search for NLWAX.OCX - 6. Download the f...

Can anyone access my profile?

This works just like any other website. Only the account with the rights the adminstrator has given the user will access your data. If the adminstrator has selected that your data should only be available on your account. No other account will be able to read or access your data. Your information is protected and will not be given to anyone.

Does Grafokett Online work with my printer?

Grafokett Online has support for almost all known label printers. For more information about your printer please do contact us on

How do I design a label for Grafokett Online printing?

You may use Nicelabel Designer Pro to create label files with variable fields, counters and date fields and use this label file to print your labels on Grafokett Online. Login with your adminaccount and upload the label. For further assistance with this please contact us on (