Can I use a MAC with your label printers?

Mac OS X

Yes it works, there is 3 different options
1.  Buy a driver - since the manufacturer may not have developed their own printer driver. Contact us fore more information and pricing.
2. Install a printer using CUPS - read more below.
3. Install the printer in a virtual windows environment. For example parallells desktop or VMware fusion - read more below.


An advanced MAC user might know that there is something called CUPS, CUPS is using GNU. If you would like to know more please check this link

How to Activate CUPS in MAC OSX

1. Start the terminal and write ”username$ cupsctl WebInterface=yes”
(replace username to your username in MAC OSX)
2. Open safarí and write in the URL field "http://localhost:631/"
3. You can now install printers in the tab "Printers"

We can assist you with installating printers in your MAC environment, kontakt us on for more information.

Are you using a virtual machine? Such as Paralles Desktop or VMware Fusion.

If that is the case you may install the printer on the virtual machine as you would on any other windows PC. If you got any questions please do feel free to contact us for further assistance.


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