I bought the wrong product - what do I do?

Did you buy the wrong product? Please read the following guide on how to return your product

1. Start with creating a case. To do this click on "Submit ticket" on the top right corner. Or send an email with the following information below to support@grafokett.se
2. Download and print the PDF file " Repair Request Grafokett.pdf". Fill the form with as much details as possible.
          NOTE: Please use the case ID as an RMA number that given by our system when creatomg a case. Failure to do so may cause delays.

3. Pack the products carefully before shipping to avoid damage during transport. If possibly please use original packaging. Also make sure to include the repair request document.
4. Label your goods properly on the outer packaging.

Please note:

  • This document must be completed with an RMA number from Grafokett.
  • Shipment without RMA number will not be handled and will be charged with a cost of 700kr.
  • When returning a product the original packaging is required otherwise an additional fee for the packaging will be applied.
  • When returning a product that you want a credit for, an administration fee of 650kr will be applied.









 Repair Request Grafokett.pdf