My labels keep falling off

Why are my labels not sticking to the surface?
There could be several reasons why your labels are not sticking properly to a surface and the reason why is not as simple to figure out as it may seem.

Contamination or product content
It could be that the surface is contaminated or affected by external conditions like moisture, dust, oil or water. Perhaps the material that you are trying to apply the label on is made from recycled materials containing silicone or wax? Perhaps the content of the container is affecting the packaging or plastic container.

External conditions
The conditions in which the labels are applied also makes a difference. The adhesive could be affected If the surface is very cold or very warm.

Wrong adhesive
Some are not suitable for plastics, some not for paper. Some are sensitive to cylindrical containers,
some to corners. Perhaps the labels have been stored under conditions outside the specified recommendations, like in a freezer?

Please make sure that the adhesive is selected for the intended surface.

Contact a specialist!
Our specialists can support you in all aspects, from the choice of material, to the most suitable adhesive for your application.

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