When to clean my printer

All label printers no matter the manufacturer and model needs to be cleaned.

How often should I clean my printer?

  • This depends on how and what you use your printer for. A general suggestion is to clean the printer each time you change the label roll.
    If the printer is in a very dirty environment you may need to clean it more often.

What needs to be cleaned?

  • Print head - dirt and leftovers from material may get stuck here and can damage the print head and can cause bad quality on your prints. It may also reduce the lifetime of the printer.
  • Platen roller - dust, dirt and leftover materials will almost always be stuck here. It is very important to clean this every now and then.
    Adhesive might also get stuck here and this can cause labels to get stuck or in worst case scenario it can damage the printer. So this is very important that you clean.
  • Remove dust, label materials leftovers and adhesive from the inside of the printers in need.

How to clean the printer?

  • On the platen roller and the print head please use isopropyl alcohol. You may also buy dedicated print head cleaning pens. For more information please contact us.


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