EAN13 code (for Swedish customers)

When launching a product to be sold in grocery stores or other retailers you often need a EAN13 code. 

There is a couple of things you need to do first.

1.    Contact GS1
In order to get your company prefix that will be used your GS1 identity.  Please contact GS1 start your registration to become a GS1 company at their  website via this link.
If you want more information about GS1 you  can read more on GS1 website.

2.    Company prefix
With the Company prefix from GS1 you can start creating traceable identification for your company. In this scenario we will talk about how to use it for EAN13 barcodes. 

3.    GS1 certificate
When the registration is complete you will receive certificate from GS1 with your company prefix and you will get your consecutive numbers, with this we can help to create barcodes.

4.    Contact us
           After this you may contact us to get started. When doing so you need to decide the following.
            a. Do you need physical labels with barcodes?
                o    If you have the products in stock and only need to apply the EAN13 barcode a label is the fastest and cheapest way.
            b. Or do you only need a PDF of the barcode that you require?
                o    The products is not yet produced or the manufacturer has not yet shipped them. They can place the barcode on the packaging so its done when you receive them.
5.    Need labels?
             No problem, we can either set you up with a label printer, some software to help you produce labels. Or we can produce the labels and ship them to you


To get started with your EAN 13 barcodes contact us