Can I use MySchenker/Skicka enkelt/Schenker Web-TA/Unifaun Online/Pacsoft Online with label printers purchased from Grafokett?

My Schenker/Skicka enkelt

No - My Schenker does not have an option to use a label printer. For further information please contact Schenker.

Pacsoft Online

Yes, go to settings and on printing settings you can choose what printer to choose. For more information please contact Pacsoft.

Schenker Web-TA

This service is called Unifaun Web-TA since the merger of Memnon and Unifaun and works well with the label printers purchased from Grafokett 

Unifaun Online

Yes, when you have logged in go to printing settings and choose what printer you would like to use. For more information please contact Unifaun.


Read more about our label printers on our website.