Is there label printers for mobile use?

There are several options available when you need mobile printing.


Small and flexible

The most common way is to use a mobile printer. Zebra have an entire mobile collection with the most basic printers like ZQ110 or a mid-range printer like the ZQ300 series and the premium ZQ600 series printers. but if you want more durable labels, larger labels or your staff doesn't want to replace the media so often. Small and flexible mobile printers intended for parking tickets, receipt printing, queue busting and order fulfillment in e-commerce warehousing.

Mobile with a lot of options

Use desktop printers like a ZD420 with battery-pack to enable the use for larger roll capacity, thermal transfer labels, RFID labels, tickets and so on. Use it in a car, on a picking carriage, in temporary storage facilities.

Need a complete mobile workstation

With a picking carriage equipped with a power pack and power converter we can enable your staff to print whatever labels you need, when you need it regardless of where in your facility the actual print would take place. The power pack is fitted with a charger to be used with a regular power outlet to make the charging as easy as possible. The printer can be any brand or model. An additional upside of a picking carriage with a power pack is that you can also add a rugged tablet like a ET55 and a scanner and you have a complete workstation in your warehouse.



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