From what distance can I read a barcode?

The reading distance depends on which scanner you decide to purchase. 

When do you need a long/extended range barcode reader?

  • Where scanning is needed above normal shelf height, normally using forklifts.
  • Scanning in fulfillment storage application 5-7 meter of the ground.
  • Scanning shipping containers and in yard handling applications.

When do you need a standard range barcode reader?

  • All of the products you pick and collect is in a shelf or pallets on the floor.
  • Scanning of inbound goods, unboxing and unwrapping.
  • If you manually handle products while packing the shipment/order.

When do you need a DPM barcode reader?

  • Scanning products with engraved barcodes.
  • Scanning small high-resolution barcodes.


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