Can I connect a barcode scanner to my phone or tablet?

Of course you can use a phone or tablet in your daily work :-)

We have a number of different scanners that can connect to your phone or tablet. If you contact us we can help you pick the right scanner for your application.

This is one way to get going:

  1. Contact us:

    You contact us telling us you want to scan barcode(s) to make the registration with your iPad easier when using your web application for order picking/inventory or some other function in your daily work.

  2. Discovery session

    We ask you a couple of questions just to make sure you get the right scanner for the job, not only the barcode type is important to know. We also take in consideration the work load, environment, connectivity options and a couple of other things,

  3. Suggestion & quote

    Depending on what we find out during the discovery session we send you a qoute with our offer. Often the same day!

What can we do for you and your company?

We can find the right barcode scanner for your needs, help you set it up in your environment and create easy setup so you and your staff can get going with barcode scanning an their own


Read more about our barcode readers on our website.