The benefits of using a standard for labelling

Why is it important to label your goods properly?

When creating your labelling system it is important to know what the barcodes will do for you. Generally the barcode itself doesn't contain any product information, it contains an ID that can be used as a reference. This ID can be used to locate product information within your systems.

If you label your goods without following set standards, it could work internally within your company. But as soon as you are shipping the product to someone that doesn't have access to your internal system they might not be able to use the barcode. This can in turn cause delays in shipping, fines and it could even cause the package being rejected and being sent back. Therefore it is important to use a standard. For most business there is a standard available, contact us if you would like help to find a standard for your business. By following a standard it will ensure that your labels can be used outside your company..


       If you don´t label your goods properly. The receiver of the goods can't use your barcode


A few steps to get started.

  • Contact the receiver of your goods, ask them if they have any specification on how the goods should be labelled. 
  • Check internally, someone within your organization might have the answers.
  • Contact the standard organisation for your business, for example GS1 or SIS.
  • Contact us with your needs and we will help you.


If you label your goods properly. The receiver of the goods can use your barcode right away.


What might happen if you don´t label your goods properly.

  • Could result in fines.
  • Could result in delays in shipping.
  • Could result in goods being shipping back to sender.
  • Items could be lost, since they cant be tracked properly.


If you would like further assistance and get started with labeling your gods properly.


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