Overlays & Membrane switches - What are these?

Overlays and membrane switches could be considered as a kind of labels as they normally are self-adhesive and act as information carriers or displaying trademarks, but they also have a functional purpose.

A normal design consists of a thin transparent plastic with varied textures, materials and printing colours, display window, embossing and adhesives. 

Overlays are used in a variety of electronic and electro mechanical products, as part of the design, for example, displays, keypads, as well as decorations.
They are manufactured in several different materials and they are “built” from the bottom up, which means that the pressure on overlays is protected against wear and dirt.

These are sometimes called membrane panels or membrane switches and could be summarized in the concept of operator panels. These panels are used to control functions of machines, which require easy cleaning, density and a low profile.
These include products such as: industrial washing machines and industrial dryers, microwave ovens, control panels for air conditioning, heat pumps and industrial furnaces.

Active overlays can also be used together with other control systems, touch screens, keyboards and switch panels in cell phones and computers. There are quite simply almost endless possibilities for their use.


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